November 18, 2012

South Korea: March 2012

In March 2012, Jared had the opportunity to do some training for the National Guard in South Korea.  He was gone for almost a month.  It was frustrating for me because my phone at the time would shut off every time he would try and call.  I would go for days without talking to him.  It was frustrating for him because they could only use pay phones around the base and you had to have a specific calling card for each pay phone. 

Angel Moroni on the Seoul Temple

Seoul, South Korea Temple

Seoul, South Korea
  On the boarder of North and South Korea is the DMZ (demilitarized zone).  It is a building that is guarded by both militaries.  The only communication between the two countries is between the guards on the North and South Korean side. 
Demilitarized Zone

View of North Korea (pretty sad and desolate)
Marine Lookout


 Jared had a friend stationed in South Korea who had access to a car and told him about a Family Home Evening.  He asked his Chaplin if he could go off base to attend the FHE.  The Chaplin gave him permission to leave with three other friends (Larsen, Reddish, and Otis).  Kal (Larsen) and Jared were also able to do a session at the temple.
Special little friend for dinner (octopus)

Chalie, you bit my finger...Ow, Chalie!

November 14, 2012

Winter 2011-2012

Bring it on 2012!

We went to The Craner's for New Years Eve.  There, we had the privelege of showing off our ice skating moves. 

Kara, Mom, Pat, Rhett, and Tori
Tonya Harding, eat your heart out!

Gavin, Rhett, Kara, Pat, and Tori

I am pretty sure it snowed twice the whole winter.  We went out and took advantage of the little snow we received.  (Notice Meg taking advantage of the snowman...)

Jared's snowshoe hike up to the cabin.  Beautiful!

My little snow angels

November 10, 2012

Halloween 2011

We love Halloween.  As many of you know, my sisters and I have a Halloween party that is kind of a big deal.  We always plan our costumes at least months if not years in advance.  This year Cali was a Nice Witch, Meg was a cowgirl, and I was Edward Scissorhands.
Cali wanted to be a Nice Witch this year

Meg as a cowgirl.....Giddy up!!

Pumpkins from our Garden
Expecto Patronous......(Jeff)

Yoda at the Pumpkin Walk in Logan, UT

Myself and Cousin It (Rhett)
The Whole Crew 

Christmas 2011

"Have a holly jolly Christmas.  It's the best time of the year." 
 I get so "homesick" for Christmas.  I just can't wait for the lights and decorations, cheesy Christmas shows, the music in November, and the Christmas spirit. 

Some of our traditions are:
1- Sorensen Family Christmas Party:  We started spending Christmas Eve at home a few years ago.  Jared's side of the family all get together before Christmas to open the presents we got for each other and our pj's.   
The Moms and their Pj Bottoms

The Dads and their "Snazzy" Shirts

 2-  Christmas Eve, the girls set out cookies and milk for Santa and sprinkle Reindeer food on the lawn.  When Santa comes, he leaves most of his presents unwrapped.  He always leaves pine nuts for Jared. 

3- Every year we get a real tree that will fill our house with that fresh Christmas tree smell.  It also leaves pine needles everywhere.  Jared refuses to get a fake tree, and I refuse to climb a mountain every year to find a Charlie Brown tree.  We compromise and buy a tree from a store every other year. 

 I made a present for Jared that he could take with him whenever he leaves for the guard.  I used a deck of cards and modpodged 52 reasons why I love him. 

52 Things I love about you.....
Meg's school has a Santa's Workshop where the students can go buy presents for their parents and siblings.  She picked out this beautiful glass "swan goose".  I am one lucky mom!!

Meg's Christmas Loot

Cali's Christmas Loot
4- Starting December 1st we read a Christmas scripture and story and sing a Christmas Carol or Hymn. 
5- I make sure to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas, Elf, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas at least once during the month of December.
6- We eat Abelskivers after we open presents.
7- We read the nativity story before we go to bed on Christmas Eve.
8- Santa always leaves a note to the girls thanking them for being so good.

Thanksgiving 2011

We had the privilege of having the whole Pearson family (including Grandma Cleo) at our house for Thanksgiving.  That is 16 adults and 21 kids crammed into the 70's dream suite.  Everyone seemed to be comfortable and had a great time.  Who wouldn't with beautiful weather outside and fooz-ball, air hockey, a pool table, the Wii, and a pinball machine in the basement.

Jared, Jason, Katie, Wade, Jeff, Phillip, Robert, Kim, Randy MaryAnn, Pat, Nancy, Mom, Leah, and Rebecca

A little wrestling on Turkey Day
Priceless:  Leah, MaryAnn, Grandma Cleo, Mom, Nancy,
Rebecca, Pat, and Katie

December 14, 2011

Disneyland: September 2011

In September, we had the chance to spend a week in California.  We went to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Sea World.  We also got to have Grandma Kaye go with us.

The only princess that Meg even wanted to see was Ariel.  The last time we were at Disneyland we stood in the "Princess" line for over an hour and every other ride 10 min.  We were prepared to do this again just to see Ariel.  As we walked through the park, Ariel was walking to her station and hugging and talking to girls on the way.  We were so lucky.  We got to skip the "Princess" line after that. 

Jared eating a leg of a small child.

Sea World

Before the Shamu Show

After the Shamu Show (and Jared making us sit in the "Soak Zone"
We were so lucky to spend this time as a family with our Grandma Kaye.  We had so much fun, and the girl's didn't even mind the drive.